Saturday, 30 January 2016

Game of war cheats - how top players rank in this game without spending a dime!

Have you seen all the top players and thought to yourself how are they ranking? Most people aren't buying gold in game of war but rather using cheats as in hack or hacks. It's not a problem ranking in game of war if you know how to use the cheats. So try and follow this simple guide and I guarantee you will be owning pretty much every player in game of war with these cheats.

We both know freemium games aren't exactly "free" game of war in this case is no exception, The only thing that some of you might be going back to is of course Mariah Carey dressed as a medieval warrior chick, and in case if this isn't the reason but it's the game of war gold you're after, trust me you won't instantly rank top by just buying, it's time to hack mode and use these cheats!

If you've ever wondered how to conquer your enemies in game of war and become the best player in the game then this might be what you're looking for, the simple trick will ensure that you will be one of the top players even if you aren't experienced in the game. It takes only a minute to execute and it's hilarious to see the face of your friends once you get the hang of it. But remember not to tell them, since the glitch is new the last thing you want is everyone else doing the same thing you do.

( hmm, I wonder how do they rank )

People have always complained they either have to wait I order to receive gold or spending crazy and ridiculous amount of money in order to improve their army of game of war. Sadly mobile games nowadays focus on the in game purchase system in order to gain revenue thus forcing you to spend actual money to gain experience or lives faster. 

But there is a way around this and it only takes a little practice to learn it. Some of our users even said it works for other games! But we will let you find out for yourself who these games are, the glitch trick has been found by us and we try to share the secret, however the link has been prevented against spam and leaking bots by securing the link for human verification. Once you get the glitch you can sell it or distribute it, we don't take any copyrights and you have the freedom to do as you wish with it (a credit would be nice though!)

Take the time to share this game of war cheats page, it really helps us out by making this hack free for all game of war users!

So if you are really ready to make your friends jealous and make people wanna beg for your secrets click on the button below which will direct you to the game of war cheats and you can hack your problems away just like the top dogs in the leaderboards do.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up the Game of war hack?

It's easy to set up, all you have to do is just plug your device and enter the amount. Once you've got that just press the button and let it do it's magic!

Does it work on Android?

The game of war hack works for both ios and android users in fact, you can generate from any device with an internet connection and a browser!

Will I get in trouble if I use it?
Unlike other game of war cheats they offer full private proxy server for your safety, in other words no, you are safe to use it as much as you want.

A message from the creators:
NOTE: we respect the developers and the app, If a paid version gets out I suggest you support them and buy it, however spending as much as 50 dollars for it is just ridiculous, I don't wish to cause any trouble to the respected developers but If they do not fix this gems problem they will realize that people will move on to another game.

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